How To Enjoy Being Single

How to Enjoy Being Single

You’re single… Now what? Whether it’s a recent break up or you haven’t been in a “so called” committed relationship, you should enjoy being single. There are many opportunities that await you.

Be independent; find out who you are without someone else. Discover what you like to do and what makes you happy. Go on adventures, be selfish, and give as much as you can at the same time. Take the opportunity to learn and grow, love yourself first so you can give that polished person and love to someone else when the time comes.

Find Your Passion For Life, Not For the Opposite Gender

Discover new talents, hobbies, and passions. Have you ever wanted to start a business? Learn a something new; like photography? Scuba diving? Rock climbing, or anything else for that matter? Well, now is the time to do just that.

Find something you love to do that makes you happy. Excel at it; learn all you can about it. Spend your time immersed in something and become the best you can at it.

You have all of the time in the world to focus on the opposite sex. But how much time within a span of 80 years are you going to be able to focus on yourself completely? Take advantage of this short amount of time that you have been given.

Live in the NOW

Stop planning for the future, stop worrying about something in reality you have no control over. You don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow, you may not even know what is going to happen 10 minutes from. So stop planning.

Live in the moment, enjoy the moments, and learn all you can in that specific place and time. Take time to notice the little things, while holding your niece or nephew notice the way the corner of their moth turns up to a smile when certain things happen; live in the now, appreciate the now.


Go places that you have never been before. Learn about a different culture and experience that different culture. Realize that the world is bigger than your tiny human self on this large planet we call Earth. Go out and discover new places and meet people in different walks of life so you can discover new things about yourself.

Take these adventures while you can, while you don’t have to have an agenda of another human pulling you.

Be Selfish, AND Selfless

We are humans, and as humans we are selfish by nature. Right now you can be selfish without anyone really saying anything to you. All you have to worry about right now is you. There are no commitments but to yourself, if you want to pack up and leave one day; you can.

At the same time be selfless, because you aren’t focused on another person specifically; give some of that energy to other people. Little acts of service or big acts of service. Find out that you have much more to give than you may have ever thought you did.

Find Yourself, and Love Yourself

Find out who you are, find out what you love to do, find out what you have to give. Become the good you want to see in the world and believe that you are good enough for the world. Gain the confidence that you are a special human with a special purpose.

Accept who you are and love it. Come to a self-realization that you can love yourself, and you need to. Love yourself so that one day you can in turn love someone else.



My New Thing...

Hey ya'll, I haven't blogged in FOREVER, obviously. I have taken a long extended break (that probably isn't over just yet). I wanted to stop by here and explain why that break has taken place. In 2014 I discovered photography. I started taking pictures of friends here and there and just learning the basics of taking a decent photo, it continued into a growth of wanting to learn as much as I possibly could about photography. 

My dad gave me Lightroom and Photoshop for Christmas that year and I started to learn even more, how to edit, how to take better pictures that didn't need as much editing, refining my editing, trying to find a style etc. 

In the last year it has started to take off, I shot 3 weddings on my own at the end of 2015, I have done many engagement shoots, bridals, portrait sessions, booked more weddings for 2016, more engagement sessions, more bridal sessions, well.... you get the idea; it has taken off.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to start making some sort of income off of it, making new connections with people and doing collaborative work with some of my favorite Instagramers and people in the industry in Utah. This little business of mine kind of took off without me even realizing it, and I have started to dedicate more and more time to it. So basically I wanted to come on here, post a couple images of my work and invite whoever wants to follow my photography to do so. I'm going to start back up with my fashion blog in the future, but for now my focus is on my photos. So I hope to see some of you along my photography journey.

Website/blog: samkayphotography.wordpress.com (currently using this for a class in school)
Instagram: @s.k.photo_ (better to follow here and will announce when my official website is live)


Seventy Fifth Post with Shop 1802...

Wow this is my 75th post on my blog. WOOOO. So many things have changed since I started this little baby of mine. I have worked multiple different jobs, gone back to school, decided I wanted to quit school and go to hair school, decided I should probably stay in school so I re-enrolled, started photography, changed majors, and met so many wonderful people on the way. 

Life is such a crazy journey, being a girl from Utah who loves the fact that I have the both mountains and a large metropolitan area right by me and moving to Idaho (where I can't even buy my desired mascara in a store by the way) you could say it is something I never thought I would have done. Ever. Ever. Ever. Did I say ever? You get it. Okay, well news flash Sam, sometimes you end up liking where you live. Weird. That's right never thought I would admit it but I kind of like this little state we call Idahome. (although I will hopefully be moving AS SOON AS I GRADUATE.... in 3 years.... *insert eye rolls and boos here*) Point being, it's all in the attitude, and Idaho ain't so bad.

This dress Is from 1802 a cute store I found via Instagram, they have a variety of looks for affordable prices, you won't be disappointed when you check them out. On top of those affordable prices they are giving my followers/readers a discount YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
so at checkout use the discount code: sammosssam30 for 30% off your purchase, the code will be valid until July 13, 2015 :)

Dress: gifted by 1802